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    Wilson, Ransomville, Newfane, Olcott, Cambria
288 Youngs Street , Wilson NY  716-751-3907

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Matty's Pizzeria

We at Matty’s are an owner/ operator Business and understand the costs of everyday living. For that reason, we strive to keep our cost at a minimum and pass the savings along to you, our valued customer. Although cost are important, WE DO NOT SACRFICE QUAILTY, to save a dollar.
 Most of our products are made in– house. We make our own sauces, our own dough, bread and rolls. We shred our own mozzarella cheese every day we do this so our pizza will have a higher Quality with no preservatives.
Rest assured that when you order from Matty’s you are receiving top– notch food and service all while putting money back in to the local economy.
We are a proud to be a WILSON BUSINESS, and we try to donate as much as we can back.
It is our customer that we depend on to do our advertising for us, your word of mouth, that’s one way you save another is our loyalty program as you spend you earn points and receive coupons or discounts back. Just use the same phone number every time you order.
We can not say THANK YOU enough to all our loyal patrons local and long distance…
                                                                                         Thank you

                                                        Matt, Kim & Staff